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New Factory Engineering specialises in development of already existing polymer-products manufactures as well as start-up of a new products including distribution stage in Russia and EAC-countries.

We offer different services and products for your direct entrance on regional markets of Russia and EAC


Our activity based on 10 year experience in the industry of polymer product manufacturing and distribution.  

Among our clients there are many polymer pipe- and fitting producers all across Russia. Also we work on several projects of totally new enterprises for PE/PP pipe manufacturing in Russian regions.

We already have got experience of working with industry leaders, but are always open to new contacts.


For supplyer of new product, equimpment or technology we offer entrance to regional markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belorussia for producers of polymer industry equipment.
We have at our disposal reliable information about regional markets situations and are ready in short terms to do special research on your request considering your type of polymer products.


Project protection: in case you have chosen us for assistance in your Project we are obliged and will defend only your interest.
We have necessary experience and are ready to create, develop and launch regional technical documents with introduction and defense of special features of your product, technology or equipment.  

To support sales of your equipment, product or technology we are ready to fulfill economical efficiency calculations taken into considerations knowledge of Russian national and regional technical legislations and regulations (the same for other EAC countries).

Economical calculations and business-plan are usually in demand by client and allow to confirm his choice of your product (equipment, technology) and for client it is also necessary to engage his investors to promote the purchase. 


We offer adaptation of your equipment or your technology standards to the technical legislation of the Russian Federation: prints and software decisions.

For our clients we organize delivery of equipment to Russia and EAC countries, with maximum attention to after sales service.

We are ready to organize manufacturing and distribution of your polymer product in Russia (and EAC-countries) from start-up to "turn-key"



In case your company got interested in promotion and sales of production lines / downstream equipment to our clients do not hesitate to contact us.




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 Managing Partner




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